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New City Church is fully committed to seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world. If you would like more information about our missionaries, or are seeking support as a missionary, please contact us.

Here are reports from our missionaries in the field:

Mark & Dayna Blair - Beijing, China

We are so grateful for your prayers and support in this time of transition. We have had some good conversations with friends/churches about opportunities in various parts of the world. But we have been thinking about the words of our Pastor Svendsen, “When you are in the fog, anchor.”  We have a visa to stay in China until next June; many workers cannot get back in. We are in good standing with our Beijing International Christian Fellowship. We have an apartment we are sharing with our son, Josiah, and we live in a city with 23 million Gospel-needy people – the capital of the world’s populous nation. And we are glad to share He has opened a door…

We have been asked to help teach and encourage pastors and preachers of the largest open and accessible Chinese churches in Beijing – the Three-Self Church. Specifically, we will be mentoring the English service preachers for 3 congregations. Hundreds of people attend these services. This will include Mark being on their regular preaching teams. These churches are now opening, and their English services will open soon.

For 11 years here in Beijing we have had the privilege of ‘touching the world’ through ministry with international students from 100 nations. Now we are thrilled to have this wider opportunity to serve their young pastors and the church in China. There are a lot of challenges navigating this opportunity with the current political and spiritual realities; your prayers are much needed.