Our Mission


Sunday - 9:30 AM IN-PERSON & livestream worship service


We believe God’s best for our lives is when we live “second” to:

  1. The Kingdom of God
  2. Others
  3. The Good of our City

(The City we worship in is “El Segundo.”  It means “the Second.”  So we are constantly reminded to live “second.”

Our Strategy:

Follow Jesus’ example of a “3 dimensional” life…

  1. LOOK “UP”… and focus attention on God and His agenda. (Worship Services)
  2. LOOK “IN”….  to care for and be cared for by your inner circle.  (Small Group)
  3. LOOK “OUT”… and bring healing to the broken, and difficult places in our community.

Our Values:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Open/Charitable dialogue
  • Unity
  • Time spent in prayer
  • Hospitality

Our Vision:

That every family in El Segundo knows they are valued by New City Church.